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BTI takes every effort to insure your product is transported safely and on time in a professional manner.

I, Bobby, personally speak with drivers several times daily to keep up with the status of their loads, and any equipment that may need attention. This is in addition to the drivers and dispatch communicating about the individual loads many times through out the day for customer and status updates. 

We have regular safety meetings to keep the drivers up-to-date and trained on handling hazardous materials and different situations regarding trucking and hazardous materials in recent events. We also discuss the new and updated DOT regulation changes that have happened since the last meeting.


An outside firm (made up of Ex-DOT officers) periodically comes in to audit our records and operation to keep us going in the right direction.  They also conduct the safety meeting from time to time discussing any areas we need to work harder on and any new DOT regulations that come up. 


Each and every one of us at BTI looks forward to working as a team with you.  We are more than ready to serve you at the earliest opportunity.